2834 Satellite Communications (SATCOM) Technician

2834 MOS
Name: Satellite Communications (SATCOM) Technician
Branch: Marine Corps
Rank: Enlisted


Satellite communications (SATCOM) technicians are qualified to test and repair satellite communications equipment; These terminals are used to establish high capacity communications with other military and civilian systems; Typical duties include adjusting audio or data levels, use of test equipment to identify and diagnose equipment faults to the component level and making repairs as required; Technicians are trained to perform preventative and corrective maintenance to the field level; Technicians are also trained in employment and installation of the terminals to complement their working knowledge of hardware capabilities; Lateral input to MOS 2834 is primarily from other OccFld 28 MOSs; Marines in related electronics OccFlds 59, 63, and 64 will be considered on a case-by-case basis for a lateral move into MOS 2834; Nominees for lateral move will submit request via command CRS; MOS 2891, Electronics Maintenance Chief, is assigned upon promotion to Master Sergeant.

Manage maintenance shop programs, analyze maintenance information system data, administer communication electronic maintenance shop procedures, administer quality control program, administer electromagnetic environmental effects program

Recommend To/E changes, draft unit’s maintenance policy letters, plan deployment/installation of a field maintenance facility, deploy a field maintenance activity

Perform corrective maintenance on ground mobile forces satcom equipment to the component level; perform limited maintenance on comsec equipment used in ground mobile forces satcom systems, provide technical assistance during the installation of ground mobile forces satcom equipment.